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If you long to use terms such as “blinding speed, ferocious attack, heavenly sustain, and otherworldly tone when describing a guitar, you have found the right custom guitar shop.

When you buy from our custom guitar shop, you will become the proud owner of a one-off, never duplicated instrument of art and sound. These handcrafted custom beauties deliver the goods in monster proportions every time you plug them in.

Your fretting hand will thank you as it moves along the fretboard on these superbly sculpted necks.

We use only high-quality pickups to ensure that you will be dropping bombs no matter what style you play.


Mark Kendall Plays an RH Custom Guitar

Additionally, most models allow you to enjoy some killer flexibility due to our wiring set-up. Our bridges are ready for anything for light feathering to over the top wailing.

We our proud to say that our custom guitars will perform well for any guitarist that is looking to shred seriously.

A display of RH Custom Guitars learn more by reading the blog

Below you will see the current custom guitars in stock at RH Custom Guitars.  Do not worry, if you do not see the guitar of your dreams. You can contact us and we will be happy to work with you to design the perfect one-off custom guitar of your dreams

RH Custom Guitars

RH Custom & George Amicay Collaboration Guitars

Master guitar builder George Amicay’s collaboration with RH Custom Guitars.

RH Custom Guitars is pleased and honored to offer these exquisite hand-built custom collaborations. George is one of the most highly sought-after custom guitar builders in the world. He began his career at Fender Guitars and rose quickly to the rank of master builder. George’s guitars are highly sought after by both collectors and musicians.

It was and still is not uncommon for clients to patiently wait months for one of his masterpieces. We are offering two of these incredible instruments that play as terrific as they look.

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