About RH Custom Guitars

Every RH Custom Guitar is designed and built in Southern California by Rick Harrison. 

Moreover, Rick is an accomplished guitarist and a perfectionist that takes great pride in providing his customers with outstanding guitars. 

Lastly, his guitars are far beyond the normal “custom-built” guitar, and based on their testimonials, those that play these fine instruments agree. 

Rick Harrison creates beauty!

NAMM Oral History Series 2023: Ricky Harrison

Ricky Harrison is an eclectic guitar luthier and founder of RH Custom Guitars in Southern California.

His love and respect for the guitar goes back to his childhood and a Sears Silver Tone with an amplifier built right in the case.

He formed a band with his friends in 1968 called The Persuasions, which toured around the East Coast.

By then, Ricky was a devoted Gretsch player and, after the band broke up, could be found at coffee houses backing up singers.

He later formed a trio called Absent Minds, a nod to getting older!

His day job was carpentry, so the craft came easy when he had the idea to build his guitars.

With an art background as well, Ricky enjoyed the process of creating an instrument other people would use to express themselves by making music.

He has often said that a big part of the reward for him is seeing the looks on the faces of his customers when they play their unique guitar!

Rick Harrison NAMM Interview

No Pedals Necessary

To summarize, RH Custom Guitars are designed to provide the guitarist with a multitude of sounds that can be achieved with only the knobs and bar on the guitar. 

Therefore, no pedals are needed. Watch this happen when the RH Custom Barnyard Boy is played.

Our Collaboration With George Amicay

We are proud to announce that George Amicay and RH Custom Guitars have teamed up to produce a limited run of George Amicay hand-carved guitars. 

High quality, hand-built pieces of art that will take your breath away. 

This is a rare case in which old meets new, and what has been produced will blow your mind!

About George Amicay

Notably, RH Custom Guitars always seeks out the best craftsmanship when it comes to our one of a kind designs. We are thrilled to offer collaborative efforts between George Amicay and us. 

Our first collaboration is “The Cowboy” (shown below).

George is a living legend when it comes to creating playable art. He has worked for the following artists:

  • Ernie Isley (Isley Brothers) 3 Stratocasters
  • Tim Commeford (Rage Against The Machine) Jazz Bass – Hand Carved Broncos Logo
  • Jakob Dylan (Wall Flowers) Telecaster, Inlay
  • Bob Dylan Chrome Stratocaster – Design and Inlay
  • Mathias Jabs (Scorpions) Stratocaster – Inlay of Planet Mars on all Position Markers
  • Wyland (Artist) First Breath Stratocaster He Painted
  • Merle Haggard Design of “Tough Dog” Inlay Telecaster
  • Waylon Jennings “Flying W” Design and Inlay, Telecaster
  • Waymon Tisdsle-Jazz Bass, Inlay
  • John Shanks (Melissa Ethridge) Celtic Design Inlays – Stratocaster
  • Eric Clapton, Pure Gold Leaf Covered Stratocaster
  • Target Racing-Chip Ganassi, Hand Carved to look like one of his Race Cars for Inaugural
  •  Audley Freed (Black Crowes) Telecaster
  • Billy Idol, Inlay Stratocaster
  • Michael Anthony (Van Halen) Jazz Bass
  • Fender Catalina Blues Festival 5 Stratocasters T
  • Tony Melman, 2 Stratocasters and 1 Telecaster
  • Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi) Star Inlays, Stratocaster
  • Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick) Checkerboard Bajo Sexto Telecaster
  • Elliot Easton (The Cars) Inlay Telecaster
  • Will Ray (Hellicasters) Skull Inlays and Gold Leafing on his Signature Strat-Telecaster
  • Anita Cochran, Hand Carved and Inlaid Custom Thinline Telecaster used in the movie “The Dukes of Hazard Go To Hollywood”
  • Sergio Vallin (Mana) Fender Showmaster, Inlaid and Carved Headstock

The word legend is often overused, but in the case of George Amicay, it only begins to tell his story. One of the most highly sought-after custom guitar builders, 

George began his career at Fender Guitars. Quickly rising to Master Builder, his guitars became highly sought after by collectors and musicians. It was and still not uncommon for clients to patiently wait months for one of his masterpieces.

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