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Mark Kendall’s Reaction To RH Custom Guitars

Mark Kendall 's Reaction To RH Custom Guitars

Mark Meeting Rick Harrison

Mark Kendall, of Great White, met with Rick Harrison, owner, and creator of RH Custom Guitars. Mark played Rick’s creations for the first time and provided live commentary.

We loved what he said about our guitars and really enjoyed watching him play.

I am totally blown away by your work!!!

Mark Kendall of Great White receiving his RH Custom Guitar from Rick Harrison

I am totally blown away by your work!!!

Mark Kendall's Review

I just had the pleasure of playing 3 RH Custom Guitars. You can watch me playing two of these guitars in the video below.

My review of these instruments goes something like this.

You will not find another guitar that can do all, the things these guitars can do. Moreover, the craftsmanship from RH Custom Guitars is unsurpassed!

They are very musical sounding guitars. What I mean by that is, the notes you are playing speak loud and true.

The push-pull volume knob is a great feature that splits the pickups to make the ultra clean sounds available.

The different woods that their master builder chooses are beautiful and unique!! Some of the detailed artwork on the hardware is unreal, and something I’ve never seen before.

I was playing open chords at times while checking these guitars out, and I’m thinking, that’s Bad Company’s sound or there’s AC/DC.

I don't think it's possible that I could be any more impressed by a custom made guitar!!

Mark Kendall, gives a thumbs up for RH Custom Guitars.
Mark Kendall, gives a thumbs up for RH Custom Guitars

Thank you to the folks at RH Custom Guitars for allowing me to play these killer instruments.

Play a guitar that is truly Spectacular

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we will do the rest.
Pete Alva
Mark Kendall, from Great White playing RH Custom Guitars
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