Mark Kendall of Great White

In these videos Mark Kendall reviews and plays RH Custom Guitars. Watch the two Great White videos and see Mark play his very own RH Custom Guitar. 

Jamie Dupuis

The extremely talented Jamie Dupuis shows just how versatile his RH Custom Guitar is as he plays several different genres of music in the following videos. 

Matt Hocking

Matt Hocking from “The Creepers”, former guitarist for Edgar Winter and Neville Staples of “The Specials” puts his RH Custom Guitar to the test at an outdoor gig in the next videos.

A Studio Musician Shreds

Watch the next video and hear all the sounds that come from only the guitar being played. The guitar is producing everything you hear, no pedals.

Doug Doppler

Doug Doppler reviews the Quilted Dream and puts it to the test. 

Purple Passion Demo

Brown Sugar Demo

Brandon Wildish

The Roy Demonstrated

Rusty Coones

Rusty is the lead guitarist of the heavy metal band Attika 7. The other members of Attika 7 are Evan Seinfeld (Vocals), Tommy Holt (Drums), Zach Broderick (Bass), and Ira Black (Guitar). Explore the music of Attika 7 on Amazon .

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