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Testimonials About RH Custom Guitars

Mark Kendall Reviews RH Custom Guitars

My review of these custom made guitars goes something like this. You will not find another guitar that can do all the things these custom-made guitars can do.

    • First of all the craftsmanship is unsurpassed!
    • Number two, they are very musical sounding guitars. What I mean by that is, the notes you are playing speak loud and true. If you want AC/DC it’s there if you want the Eagles’ tone it’s there, or if you want Tom Petty tones, they are there for the taking also.
    • The push-pull volume knob is a great feature that splits the pickups to make the ultra clean sounds available.
    • The different woods that their master builder chooses are beautiful and unique!! Some of the detailed artwork on the hardware is unreal, and something I’ve never seen before.
  • I was just playing open chords at times while checking these guitars out, and I’m thinking, that’s Bad Company’s sound or there’s AC/DC.

I don’t think it’s possible that I could be any more impressed by a custom-made guitar!! Thank you to the folks at RH Custom Guitars for allowing me to play these killer instruments, I’m totally blown away by your work!!!

You will not find another guitar that can do all the things these guitars can do!

Rusty Coones, from Attika 7, playing RH Custom Guitar

RH Custom Guitars makes some of the finest handbuilt guitars I’ve ever played! Attention to detail, great action, sound and sustain. All the best attributes of outstanding performance! I am excited about your work! Love the result and cost. Thanks to my friend for the recommendation.

Pete Alva

I have seen, played, and experienced a lot of guitars and I don’t own very many… because a lot are way over-rated, but if you want the ultimate in a Custom Shop Guitar, this is it…and they can prove it! The craftsmanship and creative design are second to none and the out of box playability is extraordinary beyond words. You’ll probably spend more time just gazing at these guitars let alone playing them. The bottom line though is that they feel ‘just right’ in whatever style you play, and the sound comes through the amps with the warmth and tone compatible to any amplifier. The choice of woods and color tones are ‘in tune’ and unmatched. Just simply incredible work, feel, tone, and stellar quality in every guitar they build!

Matt Hocking and Edgar Winter

The main thing I first noticed when I picked up the guitar was the weight. The wood that Rick picks out has mass but not dead water weight which makes for incredible sustain. You don’t even need to plug this guitar in to judge the sustain. Just play the open G chord and hold it to your body; the vibration goes on for days. The neck has mass like an old 50’s Les Paul, but the ‘playability factor’ with the flat fretboard makes it silky and fast. The ‘Hum-single-single’ combination is a perfect addition to these guitars… very transparent, but very warm and fat.

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