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Mark Kendall’s Reaction To RH Custom Guitars

Mark Kendall’s Reaction To RH Custom Guitars Mark Kendall, with Great White, plays his own RH Custom Guitar live on stage

These guitars are not just instruments but a gateway to a world of musical expression.

Each note played on them resonates with unique clarity and power, making your music truly come alive.

Whether you’re aiming for the raw energy of AC/DC, the harmonious tones of the Eagles, or the distinctive sound of Tom Petty, these guitars deliver it all effortlessly.

The push-pull volume knob, which splits the pickups to produce ultra-clean sounds, adds a new dimension of versatility. The selection of different woods is both beautiful and unique, and the detailed hardware artwork is unlike anything I’ve seen before.

As I played open chords, I could hear the echoes of iconic sounds – the unmistakable vibe of Bad Company and the electrifying essence of AC/DC.

These guitars don’t just replicate tones; they embody the spirit of these legendary bands.

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